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For thirty years, we have held our annual blood screening event at the Leesburg Community Building. The City of Leesburg has plans to demolish the current building, and replace it with a new community building. At this time, we DO plan to hold the blood screening in February 2019, but we are not sure where the event will be held. Please check back closer to the event at this web site, or follow us on Facebook!

If you are reaching this page after the blood screening and just want general information for next year, you can download and print a copy of the 2018 registration form here.

This form is a PDF file, and you will need Adobe Reader to view and print this form.

You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader here:        

If you would like to receive a flier in the mail for next year's blood screening, please email your name, complete address, and phone number to our Registration Chair, Laura. Please put ROTARY BLOODSCREEN in the subject line! If you need to contact us for other reasons, please contact the club secretary. Please put ROTARY in the subject line!

Over the years, we have received many "thank you's" from individuals with medical problems which were first detected by this blood screening. Because of the screening, they have sought and received treatment sooner than they would have otherwise.

In addition to providing a direct health benefit to individuals who participate, the Annual Bloodscreening Project benefits the community because profits from this fundraiser are funneled back into the community. Support to the community has included a variety of local projects, including Forward Paths Foundation, Haven, Deaf and Hearing Services, Wounded Warriors, Leesburg Public Library, Leesburg Center for the Arts, our Santa Project, and V.O.R.R.H. For a wider look at what we do, please visit our Projects Page.